Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry about the hiatus. I just felt that after the relapse in about it weeks time. I needed to examine some things and to see if I was really even mature enough to do this or go on this journey. I am still reading my celibacy book and it has offered a wealth of knowledge that I know I needed. There are also some exercises in the book that I am going to be posting. The first step is chart celibate times in your life thus far. I have been having sex for 10 years which is another reason I decided I needed a break. I have only truly been celibate once seen I started having sex. Note celibacy is being without sex for 6 months. My longest stint was from 8/01-4/02 and that was about 9 months. Another time was 4/02-12/03. Then again from do not have any other times were I was celibate for 6 months or more. After looking at my list it has been non stops with about 3-5 months of intervals in between primarily because I was in relationships most of the time. Since these past two weeks. I have started school and realized like the book said that I am already getting more stuff done because I have time to do it instead of having sex albeit I was only getting it once a week. I have been on craigslist but I read an article in Psychology today about being successful in your New Year's resolution by splicing your goals into smaller pieces and using if then's. I give the celibacy thing as an example. if he would call and ask me to come over I would do so and sleep with him. Therefore, I had to cut off communication. This has been effective in reaching my goal as I have lasted two weeks YAY! ;-) Therefore I will continue using if thens. We shall see!

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