Friday, March 11, 2011

Im focused man!

I am now on the chapter about giving men the benefit of the doubt. I met a man that said he was okay with my celibacy. He is about 9 years old then me. For some reason I was sprung. It was ridiculous. He started acting strangely and it was because he was with another woman. But I did not mind, I'm not going to give him any anyway and its been great just dating him. I am now in my second month. It feels great! I figured out too that I definitely need to be more focused on myself and I had lost sight of that when  I met this man. I did learn this though I was so nervous about telling him about my celibacy pledge and was surprised by his positive response. I think the next person I meet telling them will be a piece of cake! This is the easy part for me. We will see what happens after MAY this year because that will be the real test. We shall see!