Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I started reading the sensual guide to celibacy. I already like the beginning. It just talks about what women go through in regards to sex and the social ramifications of not having sex in society. I could really identify with what the author had to say. The most interesting thing about it and what I identified most with was these relationships that I have gotten in that have led no where. Its like why the hell where we having sex in the first place. Ridiculousness! The way that sex is looked at in society was also very interesting. Because of how society is today you are considered a freak if you aren't having sex with anyone. Really in society not having sex is looked down on which is really unfortunate. It used to be something that was prized and sacred. Now we have shows like teen mom show casing to the whole world teenagers having sex and the consequences. This is my sixth day and I have no worries that I will make it till tomorrow lol. We shall see ;-)

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