Saturday, January 8, 2011

ok 2nd day

MMk this is my second day for real. Still have not gotten my book either. It is at least supposed to come by the end of this month. I told my friend what I had done and she yelled at me. I admit I needed that. Its Saturday and I am somewhat bored so I went to the gym that I signed up for a month. You know what they say. " Boredom is the devil's playground". I mean really think about it. How many times have you called that dude that you have no interest in because you were bored. Happens all the time. I think that when school starts and with me going to the gym I will be less likely to have a fuck up haha for that is exactly what it is and that is exactly what happens if you get my drift. LOL. After that work out I am just tired. Well the most important thing however is I am no longer bored and that is definitely a good thing. Thats all for me. Hopefully I will make it through the weekend sexless... WE shall see

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