Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

So usually when u think of a snow day u think of snuggling with your partner after being intimate. This was not an option for me. What to do well I called my clients and talked to friends on the phone which was nice. I have also decided to give myself a facial nicely. I am going to post some of the questions from Donna Marie Williams sensual celibacy. So in a way this will serve as my journal of celibacy which is what she suggests.
Have you ever said yes to sex when u really wanted to say no? if yes, is this a pattern you've repeated over the years with different me? Why have you done this? I have to say no to this question.
In your practice of celibacy, how do you feel about yourself as a woman? How do think your sexually active friends feel about your practice? How do you are perceived by society? Do you care? I feel great about myself as a woman because it was my choice, I was not forced i simply made a decision. I have two friends that have practiced celibacy. One of my friends is still celibate and has been for 5 years. My other friend was celibate for 3 years so they are my supports. I really don't care how I am perceived by society. If I did I seriously doubt I would be doing a blog if that is the case. LOl. We shall see. Oh more questions to come.

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