Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looks Like I made it Hooray!!!

So I am excited to report that I have made it 365+ days without having vaginal
or anal sex. Ps I am a still a virgin to anal sex and have been allof my life and I intend to be one until I die!  Lol. Now I know you are all wondering about the lessons that I have learned throughout this journey about being without sex. I have learned that with men you can date someone for several months and never mention why you won't have sex. I have learned that some men are actually willing to wait and some won't. I have learned that us women have spoiled men so that they think we are not even worth waiting for. I learned that it feels great to call a man when you have not had sex with him and if doesn't answer it doesn't matter. The last thing I learned is that I have regained my POWER! That's right lady this celibacy vow has allowed me to look at sex differently. We as women have always had this power but we have choosen to loosen the grips of it by giving it away too too easily. We can change the world if women stop gving it up so easily. This will cause fewer baby's mama's, possibly more marriages espeically for black men. We all know that most men do not want to raise anyone else's children other than their own when given a choice. So ladies let's all regain our POWER and make it better for the next generation!