Friday, January 7, 2011

AH cant be friends

I love that Trey Songz song. It is my life currently. I wish I never met him and right now we just cant be friends. I had an epic fail. I let it happen though. You know  I think I just needed that one last time. Hell I think both of us needed that last time. It felt like a last time because it was so passionate and wonderful. I think since that was my last time it was worth it because it was wonderful and special because it is my last time. So now since its still January I canto be celibate until 1-7-12. Now I know that he is too dangerous and irresistible that I can't even go over his place without something happening between us. I don't regret what I did as I said before. This journey is meant to be a learning experience and I learned I have to stay away from him in private settings ie his place or mine lol. I would be a little disappointed in myself but I am not. I will strive to do better and I think I just need more general information about being celibate. I also came to grips with the fact this man is leaving in May and I need to stop it because its not going anywhere!  WISH ME LUCK AS I CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY.

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