Monday, January 3, 2011

It begins sorta lol

This is technically like 3 weeks into this thing. You know its like you have sex with someone then you don't see them and time passes. Like damn. I decided to do this for me hoping to go on a different type of journey in my life. Im 27 have a Master's degree and have found myself settling in nicely to well life. Its strange being comfortable and I feel like I'm too young for this its weird so what do I do that right! I'm going back to school to be a nurse lol. My masters is in clinical psych you think she makes more money than an rn nurse. Unfortunately I don't ehh what are you going to do. I figured why not go back. Neway thats all for me. I decided to do this instead of twitter. I think twitter is weird because I don't think Im popular enough to be followed neway which is prolly true. Neway deuces. oh yeah my most difficult challenge is going to be staying off craigslist to meet men. i know sad but I have met awesome black men if you can believe it. I mean they have all been certified Masters degreed black men.  I know strange. I can't even meet that on the street.

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