Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey I'm still here!

So another day but not another dollar. So sad I got on craigslist again. Its strange addiction. Maybe I should make that part of my New Year's resolution too. Stay off craigslist. However, I'm still holding on strong. The longest time Ive gone without sex is 9 months but that was when I was 18 and in a long distance relationship and was "new in the game." As of last year I went 4 months without it. However, I think that purposely doing this brings on a different meaning. We shall see. I have also ordered a celibacy book. Hopefully the book will be interesting and not a dry anti sex book. It has been nice thus far. The most interesting thing is going to be dating while celibate. I read an article about a woman in England who had sex with 30 men by the time she was 28. Then one day she woke up and decided what she was doing was pointless. She also said she went on several dates and did not have sex with any of them. We shall see... since I can't seem to stay off craigslist, maybe I can get some dates in the meantime. Neway deuces;-)

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