Monday, April 25, 2011

how long can I really last...?

So something interesting happened recently. My friend told me about his friend's girlfriend. He told me that this woman was 42 years old and still a virgin. I was stunned and yet at the same time strangely encouraged..?! I say this because out situations are not the same yet the outcome is similar. Knowing that someone like that was encouraging because she said no to temptation. I thought to myself, wouldn't be awesome if I could interview this woman for all of her tricks and how she avoided all of that temptation really is amazing to me. However, the bad thing is she is 42 and childless. (She wants children). So is being a virgin and waiting for the right one really the thing to do if this is the result? I know she can adopt but that not wants she wants. I am still doing quite well in my celibacy and half way to being truly celibate with 3 months to go. I am sure I can make it. I mean if someone is 42 and a virgin I can surely make it 90 days right. I somewhat do not even really have a choice because I have a crazy A&P class that is going to be hell on earth. I don't think I will be able to even spare any time to even have sex which is a good thing. We shall see.

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