Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello out there people. I am coming up on 90 days tomorrow Yay! It has been a hard journey. I am still seeing the same person. He still gives me pecks. At first I was upset about this. Then I had to remember my triggers from the sensual celibacy book. Since french kissing is one of my triggers I thought that I should probably stay away from doing this. This occurred to me when old boy was like " I kiss you the way you want to be kissed". At first I was like that's not how I want to be kissed and was upset then I was like yep he is right. The 90 days isnt' really a big deal because I need at least 6 months to be considered celibate but this is half way! I will definitely continue doing what I am doing. Also another good tip was date as many people as you can handle. I unfortunately can only handle too because of school. I think that I am doing quite well as far as this is concerned. I am wondering well all of this will end up in the next year. We shall see.

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