Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learning Experiences

So, I've been gone for a minute but I'm back! Its been awhile. I have been still dating quite a bit of men. I have begin telling the new men that I meet that I am celibate until marriage.I don't know if I will tell all of them that. It is the experimental part. Hey what did you expect I'm a social scientist! However, it is refreshing that they take it well and some even stick around surprisingly enough. The first guy kinda faded away. I guess he thought I was joking that I was celibate. It had been about three months so I guess he figured out that I really was not joking but oh well. I am still dating others. I often wish I had listened to my mother earlier. I guess I just wanted to learn on my own and I definitely did. But mom's always right! This is my 4th month and I am very proud of myself! I Everyday I get more and more confident about keeping my celibacy oath to myself. I'm going to meet a new dude tonight. We shall see!

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