Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey people that was sad that I only posted once for March. I was moving so quickly last month that I did not get a chance to get ur done. I finished the book. It was interesting at the end of the book was basically about giving men the benefit of the dobut. I have been doing that and in the process have met several men. She also suggested that he you date as many men as you can handle. Now theoretically you would think that doing that would lead to more temptation but it does not. I think that is because you don't get too involved and therefore its less likely you have sex with anyone because you have to spend more time getting to know all of them. I am really enjoying this and oddly enough it seems as if I am getting more attention in general lol. At then end of the book you have the choice to end the celibacy contract with yourself. I am not going to end it until next year. Hopefully, I will remember to do it. Also, another thing I learned is it get's easier to be like nope I am not doing that and be at peace with the decision. We shall see.

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