Saturday, August 27, 2011

Im the best!

Wow! I can't believe this I am about 100 days out of accomplishing my goal of being celibate for a year. I have had many temptations and yes of course I have had oral sex only. I admit it. However, I feel am going with my definition of celibacy which is penetration only. Frankly, I believe that is what most people thing anyway primarily because penetrative sex leads to procreation. I am going into the winter months with hope that I will not fail especially since I am in school and unfortunately might have this vag thing again ;-(. I hope this is not the case. However, it might be just what I need to complete my celibacy mission. It is my blessing at my curse simultaneously. I find it ironic that what initially incepted the idea of my celibacy mission has come back. That's crazy. I am still dating about three guys one of which is African. He constantly pressures me for sex. I just use the pressure as practice to say no to him. At this point, since it has been 8 months, it is very easy for me to halt his advances. Its funny, he has made me realize that sometimes its easier to just appease men for sex just because. I had never thought about this until recently. I cannot say that I haven't done this as I am sure many of us have. If this has been done I encourage everyone to take a brake from sex.

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