Thursday, September 1, 2011

The rules....?

Ok so I randomly found this book called "All the Rules, time-tested secrets for capturing Mr. Right". I am currently on Rule 13. This book is very interesting and actually lends itself to celibacy to some degree in relation to dating. I realized that I made a mistake in counting in my last post. My bad I have about 5 months to go. I thought it was less. I feel like shit it has been 8 months. I forgot I started in January not December.Whomp Whomp...Oh well, it is prolly better for me. I will continue doing what I am doing. After I finish reading this "Rules" book I shall be putting it to use. I have learned that I already know how to do the rules with men I am not really that interested in. The real trick is to do use the rules with someone I really do like. I am interested in finding out where the rules will take me. I was going to ban myself from okcupid and craigslist to meet men in my last three months. It seems that I have 5 months left though, so I decided that the ban was no longer applicable.  Till next time, Love soul, and natural hair!

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