Friday, June 17, 2011

Offically CELIBATE! Yay

Well I made it! Im officially considered celibate! I am definitely getting use to this lifestyle. I have more men than ever. Who Knew! well my mom knew. It's funny because she always tried to tell me not to have sex with these guys and I did it anyway. Mother's do know best please believe it. I might even consider waiting for marriage... I just see things in a better prespective. I definitely see through the bullshit more quickly than ever before and that gives me even a better reason to keep my celibacy lol. I don't think that sex is over rated but I do understand why its so special and why it should not be had by someone who wont appreciate you as a person. I understand why people wait until marriage a little more. I still am not sure I completely agree with it but that might be because I am not a virgin and somewhat bias in that regard. Neway I will continue this wonderful journey of self discovery and hopes that it will lead me to other realizations about not only dating but about men in general. We shall see. Stay tuned!

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