Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Almost halfway point!

Hey people I am almost to my half way point. I am extremely proud of myself. The most ironic thing about this celibacy thing is that I am dating about 6 guys right now lol unbeknowst to them! Yay me and I'm not having sex with any of them. I figured out that the more guys I date the better because I wont be sucked in to any of them to the point where I want to go to the next level. Now there are some contenders but I think I will be able to fend them off for the most part. We shall see. The guy I was dating at first disappeared and there are no hard feeling or bitterness because the relationship was just fun and dating. This is freaking awesome. So now I have a bet with two of my friends. I think I should let more people in so that I can make more money! LOL My male bestie asks me how I am dating so may guys and he is having problems juggling three women. I told him its that dayum double standard. He was like yeah you don't have to pay for anything because if you did the number would probably be last than half. I told him he had a good point. The thing that I have found overall is that men just need less which also makes it easier! ;-) I might update again at the half way point foreal...We shall see.

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