Friday, December 2, 2011

Whew Im Sweatin it out!

Heylo people! I recently obtained some interesting information about the percentage of women who engage in sex on the first date. According to an ABC poll 29% of women have sex on the first date. Fortunately, there is 70% who dont'. Still I was surprised it was almost a third. When I found out about this stat, it made more sense to me as to why guys would randomly bail on me out the clear blue sky. The sexual revolution did something to the institution of marriage and virginity that no one expected. It made both of these "institutions" almost obsolete. I mean think about it, in America youcan have sex, companionship and children without any of these institutions. Hell you can maintain your virginity and still become pregnant! Modern science. ANYWAY! after I found out these stats I realized that I had a very small chance with these men because the men were expecting me to have sex with them and when I didn't they were convinced that I was having sex with someone else and not them. Furthermore, I never discussed why I wasn't having sex with them but they never brought it up! So I am like whatever. I feel like if you really cared for me you would have asked what was really going on and you would have gotten an answer. JUST Ridiculous! I have about 36 more days to go. I still don't have any prospects so I plan to sail right on through the next 5 weeks. We shall see!

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