Sunday, November 13, 2011

A second wind!
Yes! I made it I am at 11 months and 6 days! I almost got caught up lol but I think that GOD really wants me to make it to the finish line. I thank him everyday through this journey. A good friend that I get a lot of strength and advice from and has been celibate for 5 years asked me a very important question. She asked me were there really any guys during my 11 months that I felt they were worth giving it up to. I answered her unequivocally no. I didn't even have to think about it. That was sad to me, that at this point there aren't even really any contenders. I think that has made me see more clearly that I am definitely doing this for the right reasons. In this day and age guys won't even call for a date, they text instead ha! I have a firm belief that if you don't call me you won't be getting any from me. The thing that I have learned also was said best in a Lauryn Hill song " I thought something I wanted was something that I needed. Father you saved me! We shall see ! I am closing in on my goal and thus getting a second wind! Headed in the right direction I can see the light of day. There is no reason to be afraid!

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